Sunday, September 26, 2010

its a weird day. For weeks my weekends have been jampacked (which is very unusual for me!) so i have today free and was thinking yay a day to relax...but yanno im so freaking restless. And its made me realise how my interests have previous interests centred heavily on the computer...whether it was in chat rooms, playing backgammon, doing graphics etc etc but ive come to realise those things bore me now...i use to do a lot of cross stitch...never do these days. And my days for last 12 months or so basically revolve around work and the gym. Im starting to realise im the type of person who needs to keep busy...whilst yes coming home after working for 8 hours then a few hours at the gym sitting on my ass watching tv sounds good...doing it for a entire day sucks! LOL I really need to find some other interests. Part of the problem too is im single...when i woke today i thought...maybe i should go to the zoo today....maybe i should go wander around the botanical gardens...maybe i should go catch a movie...but then my thought was nah i dont wanna do that alone. When i was much younger and under 100 kilos...i didnt let that i was single stop me from doing stuff...i remember one new years eve going to the theatre to see the musical "me and my girl" and i went by myself...simply cos that was what i wanted to do. But as i have got older and got so self conscious (my weight mostly) i just have avoided those things. And its not that i dont have friends i do....but yanno they have families...or im just not "THAT" close friends to ring up someone and say hey im bored today wanna go catch a movie? So i think i need to start planning my weekends more. People ask me what i am doing on the answer is pretty much always "nothing" Especially on sundays when i pretty much always have the whole day free i need to plan to do things...and just go out and do them.

Weight wise the scales were on 104.9 kilos this morning so 60.5 kilos lost woooo hoooo! I am very much looking forward to my appointment with eve (my dietician) and saying hey look what ive figured out and what i have done! LOL Yesterday i did gym it (after much debate) i did gym it...did body pump and body balance. Tomorrow is gym too...and as no ms fiona will be there...i can say with certainity i will be doing 30 mins boxing...then body combat....then body jam PHEW!! So this is the plan for exercise this week:

m - boxing + body combat + body jam
t - swiss ball class + 45 minutes treadmill + 45 minute studio cycle class
w - boxing + 60 mins treadmill + RPM
t - PT session with fiona + RPM
f - body pump + double PT with fiona
sat & sunday - working all day so will take them as my rest days

And with all that being said! I am now off to get some stuff for lunch...and then i think i will sit back with either my book or how i met your mother...enjoy your day all!

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Euphie said...

Hi Kazz,

I agree - it's easier when you have a partner to do stuff, or even not do stuff. I used to go op-shopping to entertain myself but then I got too big to find much that fit me.

If you used to be into cross-stitch maybe find a stitch and bitch group that runs on weekends.

I'm not sure what the "knitting/stitching scene" is like in Adelaide but In Melbourne it's pretty cool. A big mix of ages and interests and of course skill levels. It's really relaxing to just veg out but not be idle (I can't just sit around and do nothing/watch telly).