Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I weighed in this morning...down to 110.4 woooo hoooo!!! So went down 300 grams overnight AND i started TOM today...like seriously!!!! Went and saw Eve tonite...i had dropped on her scales too (showed a loss of 1.5 kilos over the last 2 weeks) and my body fat had dropped by over 1% its now down to 44.6%. Measurements will be done next week. I then did a fitball class (gawd i hated it!!! lol) 30 minutes riding the cycle and then a studio cycle class...i tell you i like that class the more i do them!

Foodwise spot on again with calories and saturated fat. And only ONE 15 gram chocolate over the last seven days...yes its true...i rock...im a rockstar LOL

I wore a pair of size 20 cords from katies today. Must say they looked good. When i saw eve tonite she was like..."were they new pants" she then told me my legs looked slimmer in them hehe I went into katies today...gawd so many clothes in there i want!!! Mite have to go and spend a lil cash on friday after Pt

Okies off i go have a good nite all!

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Martine (email: mdally@internode.on.net) said...

Congratulations my friend. I am genuinely thrilled.