Thursday, September 30, 2010

WOW what a day!! Woke this morning...weighed myself and woohooo 109.5 kilos!!!! Definitely under 110 kilos. 9.6 kilos to get to double digits --- freaking amazing !!!

Then i get a phone call...its the royal adelaide hospital to ask me if i can be available to have my surgery on october 14!!!!Two weeks away! I of course said yes but now im scared shitless!! LOL The reality of it all has hit me now. I know i need the surgery...and ill just be glad when its all over. Next friday i have to go to the hospital for a pre-op appointment then the following thursday is the day.

Foodwise a really good day...had the yummiest dinner parmassan chicken on a bed of lettuce with sundried tomato and avocado. Gym wise i did a PT session this morning and tonite i did a RPM class.

I went and bought a digital box for the tv today cant quite figure it out lol ive sent a messgae to one of my techie friends...hopefully i can figure this out.

I also bought a bracelet today for hitting 60 kilos...its a lil silver chain with 3 love hearts each love heart has one word on it ... "love" "believe" "dream" so i thought that was pretty appropriate! Ok have a good friday all!!


Tania said...

What a great reward for your 60kgs! I think the fitness you've achieved will surprise you at how quickly you'll recover from the surgery, best to get these things done sooner rather than later.

To Band or not To Band? said...

Holy snapping duckshit Kazz! U little ripper!