Friday, October 01, 2010

excess skin!!! oh my gawd its like bloody overnite the skin on my legs has got worse! ack!! Whilst at the gym today the lace on my knickers rubbed against my the point it actually broke the skin in a few spots :( anyway it was frustrating me so i went to the loo,,,i looked down at my thighs and thought holy crap the "wrinkling" has got decidedly worse :( It wasnt till tonite that i realised it broke my skin. I just sent fiona a message and asked her about whether she thinks i should do more weights. She thinks its a good my 3 sessions per week will now change to one of boxing, one of resistance and one of weights/stability...basically we wont be doing a specific core session but fiona said everything involves core anyway so will be fine. So that is the new plan of attack.

Did a double PT session hour of boxing...prior to the session i did some running WELL ms fiona talked to me today and said from now on only a 10 minute warm up before boxing sessions LOL...she wants me to push myself during her boxing session...then i can do any extra stuff after my session.

I am also gonna pick up the book "making the cut" this week...its one of jillians books and its basically a book on losing the last 10 i still have 35 kilos to lose...but...i figure at this point i could follow this ill buy it and read it while im recovering after the surgery.

I got a letter today...well two from the hospital...i have to go get a freaking letter of health from my GP to take to the hospital for the preop appointment...guess i know what im doing next day off!!! My land agent also sent me a letter saying i have a inspection on the day im going into hospital! It never rains it pours lol but its good in a way it means when i come home from the hospital the house will be completely spotless! Which means it will be easier to rest as i wont be thinking...oh this needs doing or that needs doing.

Anyway i am off to sleep...i am working tomorrow and sunday...and its nearly 10pm already!!! Enjoy your weekend all!!!

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To Band or not To Band? said...

Gee! You? Buying a Jillian book?!? Really? Lol!