Saturday, October 02, 2010

Well i have decided i am going to do some resistance work every day. So i created a lil resistance program...must have got it right cos i posted it on FB and fiona said to add some hoverd and she will be happy this is what i decided for this month ill do every day i dont do weights at the gym:

100 step ups on a stepper...100 each leg and raising my knee when doing it
40 crunches with a boxing jab with each arm when i crunch
20 lunges on each leg
15 pushups on my knees
1 minute of holding a small weight (1 kilo) and punching it up in the air as fast as i can
1 minute of holding a small weight (1 kilo) and punching it in front of me as fast as i can
30 second hover

I must say the skin getting so bad so quickly did scare the shit out of the point i started to even wonder if i should just stay at this weight for the moment and just work on toning up....but we will see how it goes with the weight training...i really dont want my skin to get so bad i end up with infections and such.

It only takes 15 minutes to do but i was sweating like a pig...all the lil bits help people! I did think about getting exercise dvds that were resistance...but i have a exercise brain...fiona has fine tuned it quite nicely and i have a ipod so i dont need that.

Today at work since it was grand final day they decided to have a "kiddies party" freaking snack food everywhere...fairy bread, cup cakes, dip, nuts, pretzels get the drift. Very glad to say i partook in none of it! woot!! Stuck to my chicken and barley and then my fruit and nuts :)

Tonite im having a yiros for dinner...yum yum and 1 low fat muffin after dinner. Have drunk my water...all is good !!!

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To Band or not To Band? said...

You are sooo right. It is all the little bits that count!