Tuesday, November 07, 2006

well been a few days since i been here eh? i know everyone thinks when im not posting as much im not doing as good with my ww but not the case just been kinda busy !!! Actually i normally do my entries at work between calls but im gonna need to get into the habit of doing these from as from next week my work life is gonna have no spare time. Went out for lunch with tania on sunday...scored one sunburnt arm...yummy food...and great company,......including the adorable mr lachlan ! (7 months old and cute as a button !) the day did have a few mishaps but lol it all worked out good in the end.

This weeks a bit crazy...tomorrow i work 2pm-10pm and thursday & friday i work 9am-5pm then like a normal person i have the weekend off. And the real bonus is for the next few weeks i can do my grocery shopping on thursday night.

Oh and did i forget to mention how i went at weigh in? lol im a tease arent i??? I lose 1.7 kilos !!!!! So that takes the grand total to 16.4 kilos...so 1.7 kilos of my 10% and 3.6 kilos left to lose to get to 20 kilos by xmas day (with 5 weigh ins left) But i am about to be weighing in morning and evenings so my losses may vary a bit and i need to keep reminding myself of this. next two weeks will be evening weigh ins and so next week i wont expect a huge loss.

Okies chickas off to do some work - have a good nite all !


Anonymous said...

Ok I am a bit slow here - I was still checking the other site, where I read that you are back here. Oh well have caught up now :)

Tania said...

Mishaps? What mishaps? :-) Congratulations on yet another fantastic loss ... you're on fire and with 7 weeks to go you'll blitz your Christmas goal.