Wednesday, November 01, 2006

ugh i chipped my tooth. Its my main tooth on the top row right in front...i cant remember doing it but just noticed it today. So Monday i have a appointment with the dentist. I hate dentists all it means is huge bills and pain lol hopefully they can fix it...i spoke to the nurse and she said its highly unlikely theyd remove that tooth but i really do need to go. I also had a crown which fell out in my back tooth...(piece of crap dentists) it doesnt bother me so i havent worried about doing anything about it but i think when i go ill get them to do whatever to fix the front tooth first once thats all fixed and paid for ill then get a proper teeth clean and the back one fixed. I also have a feeling that on my bottom row they need to remove one cos it seems to me like they are too squished. And one tooth is moving cos of it. so yeh fun fun fun !!!!

Food wise ive been very good. Im more convinced then ever that i was retaining fluid as last nite i went to the toilet soooooo many times lol it was ridiculous really.

This bizarre crazy weather its now raining after a muggy morning ugh !!!

Okies off i go !

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