Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Well i gained lol was only 300 grams and im laughing cos im really not too concerned. Ill explain why. Sunday night i went to dinner at Bombay bicycle club which must be one of my fave restuarants. Now i did look at the menu before hand but being indian there really was nothing low in point so i decided sunday night would be a treat. So i ended up having a bruschetta...now this was no ordinary bruschetta...it was 4 piece of garlic bread with a bowl of the bruschetta mix with parmassen cheese on top and when u got to the bottom u could see the oil :( But omg soooooooo yummy (tania you would have loved it ! lol) then i had ummmma wood oven pizza which was dripping in cheese and was delishas well and umm 3 glasses of champagne so yep im sure im retaining some fluid right now plus ive had the odd stomach cramp so TOM may be coming.

But everything else is good...i remember what Tania said when she got engaged that events and things will happen and after all getting a social life for myself is part of this journey too ~!

Okies busy busy at work !!

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Tess said...


Saw your post on WW site and followed here to your blog. You are doing a great job. Will be keeping an eye on you to check out your progress.