Thursday, March 31, 2011

Feeling better :)

Well i feel better today. I decided to go back to calorie cycling. Before i was doing slim (and this didnt occur to me till yesterday) i was only having 4 carb serves per day...on slim i was having 6...i think for me and the fact i have PCOS to have 6 serves every day is too much. So back to having 4 carb serves a day...that also puts my ratio of protein/carbs much better (i checked yesterday and i was having around 50% carbs,,,,when before i would aim for 30-40% carbs,,,and was only 24% protein....Jillian recommends for me 30% fat, 30% protein and 30-40% carbs so i will go back to what i know. So i have calorie cycled....cos i decided this part way thru the day and yesterday should have been only 1200 calories...i had to do a change for dinner...ended up making a 12WBT menu...was meatballs with tomato sauce...35 grams of pasta and mushrooms...super yummy was only 210 calories and it filled me up :) YAY. Today im having 1600 have to eat a lil bit more then i have been eating ... ive tracked all the food...33% carbs and 17% protein....not really where i want it to be...will have to work on getting a lil more protein into my plan...but im much happier with where the carbs are sitting at :)

I couldnt believe that temptation last could they not offer them any healthy food? Lara only ate 440 calories over 24 i find the extremes of it so of the reasons why i prefer the US biggest loser they dont do that many temptations.

I reported a leaking shower to my landlord like 6-7 weeks ago FINALLY a plumber called me...BUT i dont have a weekday off till 15/4/11 so will have to wait for then.

Turns out this weekend is getting busy! LOL A get together with some of the girls for friday nite...they are going out to dinner and then the wheaty...i will prolly just go to the wheaty tho as thats my 1200 calorie day...then saturday nite going to go out for dinner with jaimee then there is a farewall for a few of the trainers in the city which we will pop in for.

Not much else going on...have a fab day all!!

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Pinky said...

I need to get back to the points cycling - it is what worked for me!
Enjoy the weekend and bummer about the weigh in!