Saturday, April 02, 2011

Thursday nite i went to the gym. Fiona told me she had spoken to amy and it was fine for me to weigh in with her without following thats a weight of my mind. I basically started the calorie cycling on wednesday and its working rather well...i always enjoy how different calories on different days make me eat different each day....which i think ensuring variety is one of the keys for me. On monday nite as part of the foxy challenge had to see how long it took me to run 1km. Ive only realy done interval did 1 minute running at 8km with a 2% incline and then walking for a minute at 6 with a 1% incline...thats the fastest speeds i have done for running and walking. And thursday night fiona is like you need to crack the 8 minutes on that lol...i have cardio today....i got a sneaky feeling i may be trying that again LOL

Last nite went out to dinner with friends and then to the pub for a few drinks (i drank mineral water all nite tho ;) ) anyway where we went i ended up having this chicken was chicken, rocket, finely sliced leek, tomato pieces, crushed macadamia nuts, feta cheese and im pretty sure the dressing was just olive oil and lemon juice. It was delicious to say the least so thats one i am gonna try to replicate this week at home. Most of the others ate dessert...but i was super good and just opted for a hot chocolate instead :) So i think i did pretty good last nite. I also bought home the scales. At the gym this week my weight was 97.6 kilos....on my scales at home this mornign mine were 94.6 kilos!!! Mine use to be 700 grams to about 1.5 kilos lighter then the gym ones...but hopefully this is a sign that i wont gain this week (gawd i freaking hope so!) i dont care if i only lose 100 grams this week...i just dont want a gain or i may cry and have a real princess like tantrum lol But the fact it said 94.6 kilos this morning is a good sign.

I have a slight sore throat gonna pick up some losenges before the gym....then its PT ... 60 mins body pump...60 mins body balance....then i wanna stop at the second hand store see if they have any new stuff in and then tonite out for different with Jaimee then hoping to pop into a farewell drinks for a couple of the trainers at the gym. So busy day...two nites out in a row! lol I will be glad for tomorrow for a sleep in and a day at home.

Last nite i had two pretty awesome comments :) one when i walked in a friend said "wow you look like a model" haha ;) and another was walking behind me and said "theres hardly anything left of you" of course i smacked my ass and said theres still plenty there lol

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