Monday, April 04, 2011

Its a new week...

Wow what a busy social weekend I had...was great!!

Friday nite i went out with friends to a local pub for dinner. I had a yummy chicken salad with crushed macadamia nuts thru it....was so freaking yuM!!! Then we went to the wheaty for a few drinks (only mineral water for me :)) Saturday morning I gymmed it...PT session....and fiona had me run one interval on the treadmill at 8.5 on a 2% incline (the rest were 8.2)...i swear i thought i was friggin gonna die....i really just wanted to say noooooooooooooo but ugh i freaking got thru. Also rowed the 2km on the time was 8mins 59 secs so 1 second off my best time....dont seem able to get under the 8 mins 58 seconds. Saturday i popped into my favourite second hand store...they had all summer stuff out for 50 cents each! LOL bought 6 tops fro $6.50 - bonus!!

Saturday night went out for dinner with Jaimee...went to a real nice restuarant...had barramundi with a rocket and orange salad...and had a few of jaimees kilfer potatos...super yummi then we headed to the wheaty as Jaimee decided i NEED a but we lucked out there. Did have one VERY interesting conversation with Jaimee. She was basically saying she would never wanna compete with me for anything...whether in the gym....or work wise or whatever she reckons cos if i set my mind to something i just do it. lol. She was then like and i know when you get to goal you will just set a new goal (she said something like going to india to help blind people see! LOL) so interesting conversation...quite bizarre to think anyone would see me like this cos i always think of me as the person who never finishes anything...this weight loss journey is the first time ive truly suck to anything...normally soon as something gets hard i give up.

Sunday was a pretty lazy day....did talk to Jody on Skype....and she is thinking about meeting me in LA and then we fly to NM together...exciting stuff!!! So would prolly spend 3-4 days in LA.

The scales at home dropped by 200 grams this morning. Today is my low calorie day of 1200 hopefully there is a more significant drop tomorrow...and fingers crossed hopefully tomorrow night i will have a decent loss (or just any damn loss i would be happy with!!) Tonite im gymming it...body combat and a PT session. My ankles a bit sore today (i did Week 1 Day 1 of C25K yesterday) and its been a bit tender hopefully it survives tonite!

Enjoy your day all :)

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