Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Well i feel much better tonite!!!! I made some decisions (finally lol). Decided firstly i am going overseas around september!! OMG how exciting!!! Im hoping to spend some time visiting jody but havent spoken to her yet...also hoping to spend a few days in LA (universal studios, attending bob harper spin class!!) and a few days also in san francisco (wanna do the cruise to alcatraz cos i love all that kinda crap!!) Ive priced the flights and they are in my price range...next week i am planning to go get my passport ($226!!!) then come January I am going to do the course. I am also starting to think about a trip with some of the ww girls to auckland late next year :)

On saturday at the gym fiona got me to row 2km on the rower. She did it recently in 9 mins. So did it on saturday in 9 mins 43 seconds....then last nite she got me to do it again...this time 9 mins 15 seconds....and then tonite i did it AGAIN...and hit 9 mins 8 seconds!!! So yay :) I cant believe im getting close to fionas time lol. Last nite i also did body combat...love how i manage to do all the jumping in that class now....burnt a nice 430 calories in 45 minutes ;) and a total of 830 calories for the day.

Today i went for weigh in...and lost 900 grams....and still i was disappointed! LOL I was really hoping for a kilo...only 100 grams off it but DAYAM i wanted it!! lol So total loss now is 73.7 kilos. And 21.2 kilos to goal....woooo hoooo!!!! It was of course mine and eves last slim session....she gave me a card with some stuff she wrote inside it...certainly pulled at the heart strings :)

Okay im tired....there was prolly some other stuff i wanted to write about but the princess is buggered (thats what happens when u wake at 5am thanks to council works in the street!!! argh!!!)


Hippygal said...

Sounds awesome and 2 things to really look forward to :-)

Name: Lynise said...

Kazz, if you come to Auckland I would LOVE to meet up and maybe have lunch or something.
If your travels include the Bay of Plenty area (lovely place) you would be more then welcome to stay as I just rattle around my place with one 13 year old at home so plenty of room for visitors and would love to play tour guide and show you around the place.

Keep it in mind when thinking about your travels. Would be so nice to meet you.