Thursday, March 24, 2011

Such a good day :)

Ive had such a kewl evening!!!! Went to the gym...had a hour spare before PT and no class on i really wanted to i jumped on the treadmill...did 30 seconds running at 8km/h with a incline of 3% and then walked at 5.5kmph with a incline of 3% did that for 27 minutes...then i started to feel it in my ankle so jumped off. I then went and climbed 7 flights of stairs....then rowed 2kms (in 9 minutes 14 seconds) then fiona came and got me. Fiona tells me im gonna start to train to do the same fitness test the trainers at the gym are doing (one day she will click on im a weakling!!!) So part of the test is to do 2km in 8 mins 30 seconds...we will have to work on that one seeing my best time is 9 mins 8 seconds. Then the next is to bench press 75% of your body weight (holy crap!) I did 30 kilos today...but 75% will be about 75 kilos for my current weight...then she had me stand on a a cable maching....17.5 kilos on each side of the cable machine....doing squats .... which basically you end up your pulling thos weights....ultimately in the end your suppose to do 50% of your body weight on each side (haha i have a long way to go) then we did planks...basically its 10 seconds in a normal plank position then 10 seconds with your arm stretched in front of you...then do the other side.,...then same with at the back with your legs....when i did the arms each time my freaking calves cramped...must say despite my grumblings (and i do grumble!) i really like these sessions where i have something to aim seriously can you believe i am even attempting what the trainers at the gym are doing??? seriously thats insane!!! But so cool as well!!!

Got my foxy tshirt today....size 16 fitted style...and it fits!! YAY!!

The planning for the trip is starting to come along nicely....I think at this stage I will leave australia august 17 and leave LA to come home september 12. I have suddenly become a travel nerd living on flight websites!! LOL And bonus work is offering overtime gonna do a extra 8 hours next up the overtime a lil :) And im hoping to fit in a concert to see rascal flatts i loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee them!! And they are in al-bur-kur-keeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee on sept 6 so it would be kewl to go see them with Jody if she is up for it ;)

Anyway i am one tired girl ..... have a good friday all....the weekend is nearly here!!!


Jody said...

Ok, I'll check into tickets and see if they're on sale and Rascal Flatts it is!!

Did you see my comment on fb about my friend from Adelaide?? Hahaha!

kazz said...

yay to rascal flatts....omg im so excited about all of this!!!