Friday, March 18, 2011

My brains in overdrive

lawdie....what a day yesterday turning out to be. I got a call yesterday morning from Eve who is my food coach at the basically who i weigh in with and get measured etc. She unfortunately told me she is leaving the gym and being transferred to a different branch :( I have been weighing in with her for over a year so to say i was gutted over this is the understatement of the year. Anyway last nite i went to the gym...spoke to Fiona briefly about it...she was telling me that the new food coach had done her degree in nutrition so i may benefit from it all :) Fiona also happened to mention they are doing a board at the gym of "PT clients" with quotes etc....apparantly its for clients that have done well...and fiona put my name forward for it so thats nice too :)

That all happened tuesday...i half wrote it up then got distracted ;) anyway on to today....

The last 12 hours my brain has been in OVERDRIVE!! lol As i think i have mentioned before i have been thinking about studying to be a personal trainer. And this is where my brain gets complicated. The course is obviously a lot of well there is a big investment of my time. Im not overly scholastic...but it is something i would really like to do. That leads to the question then of what i do with the qualifications once i have got them. From what i have seen....full time jobs in gyms are a rare occurence and i would need to at least start in a gym in a part time role. Which obviously would mean less money. The other option is to either combine that with trying to build my own client base outside of the gym. Which as i currently dont drive or own a car would mean either be restricted to just training people in my suburb...and doing outdoor training .... or i ALSO need to get my licence and a car. I know a lot of people think well duh get your licence. But to me thats a huge thing to accomplish. So there is a multitude of things i could fail at...either of the 2 certificates required to be a personal trainer...having to get a car. The thing on my side i guess is that i am coming up due for long service leave in about 8 weeks time. I was planning to take it from august 1 to early november. Now i am thinking its better i postpone it till i have my qualifications (and car and drivers licence) and then use the long service leave as a time to try and establish whether i could build a client base or get enough work via a gym to actually be able to leave my current employer. So its all freaking complicated!!! The other thing i could look at is trying to get a position with my current employer that isnt shift work...just 9-5 or something....then i could have some regularility and try and build a client base in my free time....see its all friggin complicated!! lol Not as simple as just doing the study!

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Effie said...

Hi Kazz,

I think the 9-5 shifts sound like a good idea. Then you have the evenings free for training your clients. I am not sure what is involved with the PT course, but do you have to do the aerobic classes as well - Like the boxing or cardio circuit etc?

It sounds really exciting and I know you would be a fabulous trainer. You know exactly what it takes to lose the weight and the dedication to get there xx