Friday, March 11, 2011

Things are changing. I have said that before but I notice it more and more lately. Certain friendships seem to be changing...its not necessarily a bad thing...but its different... ive always been a big believer that some people come into your life for a set time...and some become more permanant. But we all consistently change. I certainly would like to make some new friends who are more active...getting out in the sunshine more...and i think really thats just part of this journey. If my work life allowed for it (it doesnt!) i would certainly start to think about a team sports (yes i really said that) no idea something that would just get me out there and meeting more people who are headed in a similar direction.

Went to the gym this morning and was there by 6.45 am (this should be illegal i tell yas!!) but i did a body combat class...then scooted off to work...normally dont have time to go before work but started later today. Tomorrow is my last weekend shift for 4 weeks (thankfully!!) no plans tomorrow nite....but sunday morning walking around the torrens with jaimee and roxanne at 9am then heading off to the gym for RPM and body balance and then meeting some of the ww girls at the markets for lunch.

Not much else going on...hope everyone has a good weekend!!

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Natalie said...

I've always maintained that humans are like satellites. We float around, grouping up, then breaking off and floating around some more! I think its really important to spend time with like-minded people. A couple of my best friendships are conducted while walking (and the occasional lunch!).

Its fantastic that you are wanting to get out there :-)