Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Today has been a interesting day. I went to my fave op shop...spent $25 and walked out with 13 items....most dont fit me yet....and i bought some size 12/14's so next spring i will have clothes to wear with luck. Its rained here most of the day....I then went to the gym....jumped on that damn rower and came to the conclusion there is no way i will ever be able to row 500 metres in under 2 minutes. I would need to be able to hit 125 metres in the first 30 seconds to have a chance of it...and theres no way i can do that....oh well onto other things...

I then went and did body balance and on the treadmill for a bit....i then went and weighed in. It was only 5 days since i last weighed in and because my loss last week was so big i was really concerned with having a gain....and well i did but was only 100 grams...so now sitting at 97.6 kilos....so im definitely still a double digit girl :) then had my eye brows waxed and came home.

Jumped on facebook...and saw something that didnt surprise me but still couldnt believe the gall of some people. Remember early this year someone from pink sofa messaged me saying they saw me at the casino...thought i was beautiful blah blah .... well at the time i added them to facebook....they had a number of pics with one male....so i was suspicious she had a bf or hubby...anyone i pretty much put off meeting her cos things didnt add up. Anyway ..... today (and despite today still having "lesbian" in her pink sofa profile) she posted on her FB profile about being annoyed that her hubby wouldnt come home to deal with a flooding situation. Not really that big a deal....i was pretty sure she was involved with a male...but wow....its things like that that make me NOT a people person....no wonder at times i treat into my cocoon ;)


Erin said...

Hey, Kazz, I have an award for you on my blog. And, I understand why you are not a people-person, some of them are just a bit much to handle! Try not to let them affect your mood, though, because you rock!

Pinky said...

Nothing like grabbing a bargin or two!
And congrats on the loss last week - you are well and truly under the 100!

Effie said...

Great shopping day indeed for you and congrats again for going under 100 and staying there - way to go and yes, you do rock.

About that lady in FB - how rude, I hope you de-friended her!

Effie said...

P.S. You can so do 500m in under 2 mins. You did it in 2.07 so all you have to do is knock off 8 seconds. YOU CAN DO IT.

I don't think you realise how strong and capable you really are. 500m in 2.07 mins is amazing, not everyone can do that. You work and train so hard at the gym and you always give it your all. What you have achieved is something that many people only ever dream of achieving - YOU are a true champion.

zanyzana said...

I'm thinking about that "friend" on Facebook... and I'm thinking "Ewwww". What a player. Lucky you never went there.

One day, when you least expect it, your princess charming will come! (Yeah, I never believed it either, but then my lovely pastry chef entered my life!)

How about you write a list of all the qualities you want in a partner, while you're not involved with anyone. Then you can evaluate whether an interested party is worth it. (I had a list and my OH meets all but 2 minor things. And my list was 3 pages long!!!)