Monday, March 07, 2011

Its just been one of those generally good days today :) I worked 7am-3pm today. I then dashed from work to the dietician. Now this dietician was organised via my doctor. They are a accredited dietician and i have 5 sessions this year all paid for :) Anyway she looked at my food plan on the slim program....and that got all thumbs up. Her main concern is with the amount of exercise i am doing that im getting enough dairy, protein etc to avoid injuries.

I then went to the gym where i burnt just over 1000 calories! woot!!! YAY me!!! I did a 45 minute body combat class...and i was really impressed i did all the jumping in it and i noticed in all the knee lifts i can easily lift my knees higher then just 2 weeks ago! Then I did a hour of PT with fiona. Last week for one of the foxy challenges we had to row 500 metres and i managed to do it in 2.07 minutes....anyway fiona goes of my clients is competing with you...and then she tells me the person heard i did it in 2.07 minutes so they had to beat it LOL So they managed to do it in 2 minutes! devestated i tell u!!! LOL so now i need to do it in under 2 minutes.

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