Sunday, March 06, 2011

Life is good :)

I haven't done a decent post for a while so thought one is definitely owed.

So where are things at? Things are pretty kewl right at the moment to be honest. I started the slim food program 2 weeks ago...and have lost 5 kilos so far (really cannot complain about that!) The reality is i have been eating EXTREMELY clean. Its always been my belief that once you get to 20-30 kilos within gol...all the processed crap and artificial sweeteners in your diet wont work anymore. The only thing I still cave in a lil on is bloomin diet coke LOL Also exercise wise we have really ramped it up lately. We decided no more boxing for a lil while we have really taken that as far as we can currently when you take into account my injuries/alignment issues. So basically my PT sessions are mostly just cardio sessions on the cardio equipment combined with bloomin stair climbing *rolls eyes* Basically fiona throws me on xtrainer...rower...versaclimber...recumbent bike...and we do intervals...they vary from the lowest speed (not ENOUGH of those unfortunately lol) right up to the highest speeds (trust me neither the recumbent bike or xtrainer are fun at level 20!!!) But with these changes in my workouts the centimetres seem to be dropping on my hips and thighs (at long last) As much as I grumble during these sessions they really are doing the job. Plus lately I ahve been trying to do more different cardio classes...body attack (omg im still too big for this!)... cardio blast (pretty cool workout!)

I have tuesday and wednesday off this week...gonna go to the op shop on tuesday morning...hopefully can pick up some more bargains! Havent been there for about 8 weeks so should be some new clothes in...might even look for some size 14 winter clothes!!

In 2 weeks time I am getting my hair done...its been about a year since it has been cut lol gonna get a trim and get it cut similar how rachel in friends had it towards the end of the series. Plus a colour thru it...the colour is still up for debate...ive been told i should go "bright" lol but yanno I usually err on the side of caution LOL...

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