Saturday, March 05, 2011

New Dress :)

Zany Zana who is noodle66 (or is it 66noodle) on the WW forum was nice enough to offer a dress to anyone who would pay the postage. Its a gorgeous dress...anyway i put my hand up and got it :) It arrived yesterday and she wanted to see a pic so this post is mostly for her! lol

So the dress is in the pic below...the photo doesnt really do it justice...its such a pretty blue isnt a tight fit on me but I might get mum to see if she can take it in...otherwise I will pass it on to one of the Adelaide WWers....cos its really gorgeous and deserves to be worn!!

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zanyzana said...

Hey, it's lovely! The drop waist is in a better position on you (it was a little low on me!). Hopefully your mum can make the bodice part a bit tighter, so you feel comfortable to wear it. If not, I'm sure there will be someone in your WW circle who'll give it the home it deserves! Wow, you're too skinny for it!