Saturday, March 12, 2011

life isn't perfect...

...and I dont say that in a bad way!! When i was bigger one of the main goals was to get a gf...73 kilos later i still dont have one (im not whinging trust me!!!) but what i am realising is life doesnt turn out perfect because your are smaller. I know thats said often and i truly believed my life would be perfect when smaller. How could it not be??? Wasnt my weight the cause of ALL my problems??? But what I have realised is I am still the same person....and quite likely the reason i dont have a relationship is cos i am not "out there enough" to meet someone who might be mildly interested. But while life isnt perfect i am "happy" these days....and I dont mean i put a smile on my face and act happy for people....its just a quiet, even smug happiness , inside me. My life isnt just work, sleep, eat. My evenings are mostly busy with the gym (altho sometimes im not loving it lol mostly i enjoy it lol) and i think life is just start to open a lil more for me. Getting out in the fresh air is what I want more...its amazing to think of all the "outdoor" things i can do...if i choose. Whether its joining a team sports....climbing mt lofty with friends...learning to riding....going to the beach....all these things (and more) are in reach....where as long ago they were so far out of reach it was like a life aint perfect but it is pretty dandy these days :)

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