Monday, March 14, 2011

The scales and food :(

I really don't know if not having scales at home is helping me.The first 4-5 of the week i am fine....stress free....then the last 2 days im in absolute panic mode. I have no freaking idea where i am with things...and cant say i like it at all. Visions of me walking in and gaining tomorrow nite is all i have got. Im also concerned that maybe the slim plan is just too restrictive for me. my average food day is turning out to be:

b - 1.5 weetbix + 1/4 cup muesli + 3/4 cup berries + milk
s - 3 vita weets with 1/2 cup cottage cheese
l - ham, cream cheese/avocado, and salad sandwich
s - banana
d = 120 grams protein (raw) plus vegetables and 1 tablespoon of barley (raw)

Its not a great deal of food...and i have been peckish this week. Admittedly this week TOM is due. It works out about 25 ww points (i think from memory) which i know according to ww is not works out to be about 1300 calories. I guess it really depends what the scales say tomorrow nite. Im praying i lose a lil even 100-200 grams i would be happy with. with that amount of food i also did 3 body balance classes last week, 1 body pump, 2 body combats, one hour cardio with fiona plus a 65 minute walk yesterday. Part of me does wonder if its enough food for my today i was peckish and yesterday i did the 65 minute walk and body balance (keeping in mind body balance isnt a real cardio burner) then compare to michelle bridges plan she keeps them at 1200 calories per day and they try and burn around 500 calories a day with exercise.

But will see what the scales say tomorrow nite.

Tomorrow nite im gonna get back on that treadmill and run a lil too :) If i really do wanna build up to being able to run...apart from the fact i need to lose more .... i also need to come up with a plan of attack (i really didnt take to c25k) oh well thats a decision for another day!!!

I do wonder if i should just not weigh for a month or so....yanno try and relax and just focus on the exercise side 1500 calories....exercise like a fiend....and then see what happens....its all too hard!!


Effie said...

Like you I am a daily weigher well at least twice a day. I would weigh in the morning and at night who knows how many times in between. The scales just kept going round in circles plateauing with the same 3 kilos so I decided to change my weigh-ins to fortnightly which is tomorrow and I am freaking out because I have no idea where I am with the scales.

I am tired of letting the scales run my life. I am doing a 4km fun run in May so I think I am just going to focus on that and fueling my body for the run and not worry so much about points and scales.

Can it be done??????

Good luck with your weigh-in tonight, I hope those evil scales go down for you xx

Werribeetracyk from the WW's Boards said...

I'd stick with Weight Watchers, whether the old points plan or ProPoints, and try not to compare or check the calories as well. I remember doing something similar and it did my head in :o(((
With the amount of exercise you do, I'd definately think about eating some of my exercise points as well. I know my original journey is different to yours, but I lost 34kg in 18 months and didn't plateau once, purely by sticking to the Weight Watchers plan, and going to the gym 3 times a week to do a mix of cardio and weights!!! Well just my thoughts :o)))