Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I weighed in and was good and bad news. My body fat did a huge drop from 41.8% to 38%!!! First time its been under 40%...so thats good news. centimetre wise i lost 10cms over the last two weeks....so over the last month i lost 27.5 cms. So thats all impressive right? But after gaining 100 grams last week i gained 500 grams this week UGH!!! Admittedly TOM is due over the next 3-4 days. So i spoke to eve and we agreed to change somethings....in the afternoon im suppose to have a dairy serve and a piece of fruit. Im overrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr yoghurt!!! So this week....prolly thursday I will get some protein shake powder (gonna be lazy and just get the isowhey one at the gym) and have that with some berries in the afternoon. Im also gonna do no diet coke for this week....and ill make 2-3 recipes out of michelle bridges cookbook (as long as they are under 350 calories) so will make those changes and then see what happens....hopefully i can manage a loss next week or i may seriously lose the plot!!

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LizH, said...

Hi kazz I have been just talking with my daughter about your amazing journey and showed her these picture you have posted!! We both are in awe of your achievements!

You look stunning!