Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Im still not over this wretched virus....so finally after being stubborn for 10 days i said i give up and went to the docs....off work today and tomorrow. i just woke up from a nap and altho I am feeling groggy as hell i do feel a lil better.

Cos im not well i cancelled tonites weigh in and will do it after PT on thursday morning. For the first time in a long time I am nervous about weighing in.I have followed the slim program to the letter but after only losing 100 grams last week I am quite apprehensive. The other thing is out of curiousity I plugged in my food for today the ww tracker (i still have etools lol) and i should be on 34 points..turns out its only 25 points. This week ive had headaches...which i thought was not enough food or this virus....mostly i have put it down to the virus....now i have to wonder. If i get a loss of only 100 grams again...well i dunno what i will do...it may be time to reconsider things or may just be a point of having to keep sticking with things. This has been like the slowest crawl ever to get under 100 kilos LOL :) I really do miss not having scales at home...if I had them....I would have a idea of how i am going. i know i must have lost cos suddenly my trousers are loose but yanno know matter how much we say the scales arent the be all and end all....for me they are a huge indication ! Anyway will be back thursday with a update in relation to that.

Have also decided for a while no more boxing. Fiona enjoys doing our "killer cardio" sessions and i see more of a difference when doing those...and boxing well ive done it for over 2 years and with my injuries/issues we cant really take it further so it has got boring...so fiona instead will be kicking my ass on the cardio equipment ;)

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