Saturday, January 22, 2011

My eating is still not great...not a normal "kazz" week...ive had a birthday celebration for myself...our manager bought pizza for lunch yesterday and i havent had a chance to go grocery shopping! Argh!!! Today im working till 5pm so not do able today either. I also forgot my bananas today. So i had fruit toast...ive got a chicken and mayonnaise roll (not many options on a saturday at the cafe) and tonite will be a yiros...not a awful day but definitely a bit overloaded on the carbs (i try and keep my carbs under 40% of my total food) But tomorrow i am will organise food. Michelle Bridges also has a one week food plan in her crunchtime gonna try and MOSTLY follow it. So tonite ill write the good old shopping list and go out tomorrow and get all the bits and pieces i need. Then tomorrow nite i will register for preseason for michelles 12WBT program.

Last nite i went to the gym (YAY for me gymming it on a friday nite!) my aim was to push hard in cardio and burn 500 calories. Well i started on the bike and rowed 1145 metres in 5 minutes WOOT (3 minutes at level 5 and 2 minutes at level 10)..then did 5 minute intervals altering between level 3 & 10 on xtrainer...then 3 minutes on the versaclimber...then 18 minutes on the treadmill of intervals of 1 minute running at 7km/hr and then walking for 2 minutes at 5km/hour...i then went back to the versaclimber for 3.5 minutes...then 5 more minutes of the intervals on the xtrainer then 2 minutes at level 10 on the rower (rowed 459 metres!) and then did my physio exercises. Not counting the physio exercises i burnt 617 calories in under 58 minutes which i was super impressed with. My average heart rate for the entire time was 81% :) 36 minutes of it my heart rate was 85% or higher. Yeh its true i rock! LOL

Ill see how i feel tomorrow i may go in and do another cardio workout tomorrow. So far this week i have burnt 3012 aim was 3500 im not too far off it. I will prolly also go for a easy walk wont be big calories...more so i make sure i do something after working all day. Even tho the scales are still sitting at 103.6 kilos this morning my aim is still to be under 100.9 kilos by february 18th. Now i know i can burn high calories with different cardio equipment im just gonna. So i think doing the cardio sessiosn once a week with fiona will be good cos then i can copy what she gets me to do...obviously i prolly wont go as hard as she gets me too (thats human nature) but im impressed after last nites go.

Alright off i go .... enjoy all!

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