Thursday, January 20, 2011

I again havent posted much over the last few days ;) Four days into the week and i have burnt over 2300 calories so far. Tonite i went to the gym...and fiona flogged me on the cardio equipment. Actually I did pretty good on the rower...we ended up doing a few minutes on level 10 so i was rather impressed. Then we did some on the xtrainer...varying between level 3 using arms and legs....and then level 10 using just legs....then the versaclimber...which i friggin died on! But in 30 minutes i burnt 335 pretty damn awesome. Fiona suggested i do 3-5 minutes going hard core on a piece of equipment like rower or xtrainer....then 5 minutes just walking or cycling then go back and do another 3-5 minutes hardcore etc. So i will give that a whirl tomorrow arvo. Fiona is also gonna write me a additional weights program to do on my own so i keep up the weights...she thinks this is a good idea at the completely change up what i have been doing.

Oh i am signing up for michelle bridges 12WBT...sign up opens on sunday super excited about it! Think i will get a lot of valuable info out of it!

Not much else going on....have a good nite all!

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