Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Sometimes i get in these "moods" for want of a better word where i need to kinda isolate myself a lil in relation to my journey. Not that there is anything wrong with it...there isnt but i have a very bad habit of comparing myself to others...whether its kilos lost, cms lost, exercise ... whatever....its quite a bad habit of mine and over the last few weeks i have been doing it again.

That said all is good....when i got on the scales this morning they said 103 kilos and a loss of 800 grams....i then went to the gym...did 35 minutes of cardio...45 minute zumba class..45 minute body balance class...then weighed in at the gym...and low and behold there scales said 102.5 kilos (normally my scales are about 400 grams LESS then theirs) when i got home i jumped on mine...and yep it said 102.5 kilos too...so hope it stays that low by tomorrow morning! LOL

I was walking along the gym corridor and the assistant manager stopped me and commented on my weight loss and told me "we are all so happy for you...everytime i see you your clothes are getting looser" lol so that was really nice! Fiona also videotaped me running today so her and my physio will hopefully study that and will work out the best way to ensure my foots strong enuff to train for the city to bay.

Anyway not much else going on...off to bed!


Karen said...

Hi Kazz - I know just what you mean. Sometimes I feel as though I am not doing so well and get really down on myself. Today is one of those days for me and I have decided to have a doona day. You really are an inspiration to so many of us and that comes with its own pressures. Be kind and gentle with yourself and run your own race. Love Karen xo

To Band or not To Band? said...

Well said Karen! Gr8 words of wisdom