Monday, January 17, 2011

YAY its finally MY weekend!! Its been a very long 10 days. In the last seven days i have worked 56 combine that with the gym and everything rather planning to sleep in tomorrow and prolly laze in bed till mid morning...sounds heavenly!

Went to the gym...was rather impressed...i worked out for 70 minutes. 30 minutes was doing a PT session of resistance. I firstly did 15 minutes on the xtrainer and burnt 170 calories in 15 minutes. Then my physio told fiona i can jog!! YAY Actually what she said was jog with a band around my id look like a big old dork so i decided against that ;) So after PT i went on the incline (not allowed to yet) and had the speed at only 4km so very slow...but i jogged non stop for 11 minutes (which i was super impressed with) i only stopped cos i was running out of going back tomorrow and going to do at LEAST 20 minutes but will aim for 30 minutes. SO altogether i burnt 538 calories today with my exercise...super impressed.

Tomorrow im going in to the gym to do 45-60 minutes cardio...then 45 minutes of zumba...and then 45 minutes of body balance. and THEN a weigh busy gym day!

But for now its 9.30pm and im off to catch up on some sleep...enjoy ur tuesday all!

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To Band or not To Band? said...

I tried Body attack tonight and lurved it! So motivating hey? Want to try balance.