Monday, January 03, 2011

Ahhh the repurcusions of no gym for a couple of weeks...

So after finally getting up at nearly 2.45pm yesterday i was back in bed by 8pm!! Dunno what the hell is going on with me lol I then woke at 3am with a sore lower back...its still a lil sore. But i know thats due to lack of exercise...i use to get a sore lower back every morning before i joined the gym...within a week or so at the gym the pain was gone so i know once i am back at the gym it will be a lot better! And i am back at the gym tomorrow! YAY! Tomorrow i will see eve and weigh in...prolly do 30-60 minutes of cardio and then the studio cycle class. I would stay and do the body pump class but i have work at 7am the next day and last time i did the 7am starts i got overtired so going to try and avoid that.

The scales were 105.3 this morning...very happy with this. But came to work...(yes on a public holiday!) bought 125 grams of blueberries (yum yum) and and my uncle toby cereal but didnt bring lunch and the cafeteria isnt open :( luckily some of the boys are going to bakers delight...not the best choice (havent eaten anything from there in years!) asked them to get me a bacon and cheese roll which is under 300 calories which will have to do. Puts my percentage of carbs up at 58% for the day tho! oops! Will have to have a big dose of protein for dinner tonite to try and bring things back inline.

Not much else going more sleep and back to the gym...have a good day all!!

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Euphie said...

I've got a sore back too from lying around in bed and not going to the gym.

I'm amazed and kind of proud to say that I REALLY miss the gym. Even the 5.30am wake ups, I am dying to get back there tomorrow.