Monday, January 03, 2011

This weeks exercise plan

So i have come to the conclusion i really need to up the ante on my exercise. According to michelle bridges (and i am considering doing 12WBT) if i burn 3000 calories per week which is my current average...i should be eating only 1209 calories per day. My problem is currently with my foot i cant do a lot of running and jumping. So i really need to focus on the exercising i CAN do. So here is this weeks exercise plan:

t - 30 minutes stair climber/cross trainer + 45 minute cycle class + hour body pump
w - 45 minute RPM class + 60 minute body balance class
t - 1 hour PT boxing or weights + 45 minutes body pump + 45 RPM
f - 30 minutes PT boxing or weights + 45 minutes body pump + possibly swimming friday afternoon
s - jillians kick boxing dvd
s - jillians kick boxing dvd

I really need to get 6 days of exercise in or ill never meet the calorie burn i want. Theres no real reason not to be at the gym 6 days per week. i think each sunday nite ill list the next weeks exercise plan.

This weeks exercise wont see me hit 5000 calories but maybe 3500 or so...i may just need to work up to it slowly.

Anyways thats the plan...back to the gym tomorrow...time to get this weight MOVING!!!

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