Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Back to the gym...

Well this morning on my scales i was 104.7 kilos...only 200 grams above the lowest that I was in December so YAY. Will be interesting to see what the scales say when i weigh in at the gym tonite. I think i will have a gain or a loss of only a couple of hundred grams with luck. We will also do measurements and eve did mention on last years last session of working out the measurements i have lost over the last 12 months so with luck we will do that. Then ill hit those blooming stairs, the stair climber and do some work on the xtrainer before i do the cycle class...and maybe body pump with luck (presuming cycle class doesnt go over time) Was in bed early-ish last nite about 9pm.

Im also hoping AGAIN that my blooming Jackie Warner book arrives...fingers crossed...it was despatched on 14/12/10 so with xmas holidays etc it will hopefully arrive this week sometime YAY. Im still debating doing michelle bridges 12WBT...not for the exercise component but i heard she does a lot of stuff on the mindset and also for the nutrition side...we will wait and see my thoughts on it change on a daily basis.

Okies off i go...4 hours of work then back to the gym for me!!!

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