Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Interesting Evening....

Well what a frigging interesting evening i have had! I went to the gym...jumped on the cross trainer and came to the conclusion that was too painful on my foot. So i went on the bike...my heart rate monitor...shows me graphs when im in zone 1 (65-74%), zone 2 (75-84%) and zone 3 85% and higher...so i would cycle my little heart out...till it got to zone 3...stay there for 1 minute....then slow down till my heart rate went under 130 then i would go hard again...watching the the time and heart rate made the time go fast...so i did my cardio...then went to weigh in. WELLLLLLLLLLLLL! LOL over the last 3 weeks i had lost 100 grams...but my body fat percentage went up and my centimetres went up! LOL See what 2.5 weeks away from the gym does to me? Altho i do think im retaining some fluid as well...so eve will remeasure me next week. So her big message was "drink more water" lol She also was telling me michelle bridges has a new book coming out soon about losing the last 5 kilos...and she thinks i should read any info i can on that topic (i mentioned Jillian has a book too) so that i have plenty of info for putting a plan into place for the last 5-10 kilos. (seriously can you believe we are even discussing that????) Anyway so she asked me my goal for the year and i told her 30 kilos...which she believes i can lose this year. i then went and did the studio cycle class...the standing when cycling did hurt my achilles but i survived it lol. So i burnt 853 calories...im very very happy with that! Also ate only 1199 calories today and im not hungry! GO ME! I ate really well...all non processed foods so very happy with that.

Then i came home...and there was a message on pink sofa for me from a girl who messaged me over the weekend...anyway...so this is part of the message:

"I posted that photo to see if you actually recognised me!!! have i got you intrigued??? I have actually smiled at you in real life and I was wondering if you would actually recognise me, you have the most mesmerising smile, it took my breath away, I hope at this stage you are actually smiling and not scratching your head thinking that you have a stalker :) ok i will give you a little hint you were out with your friends :))) still guessing"

I dont recognise her photo and have NO idea who it is...im suspecting maybe a friends ex or something...which of course if thats the case not something i would persue. But she seems very nice so far. So the princess has a bit of mystery in her life at the moment! Maybe this is a good sign for the year to come???

Also got my book by Jackie Warner finally!!! Cant wait for thursday morning...i am off and plan on lying in bed reading her book bahahahhahah!!! Oh and new season of US biggest loser tonite weeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!

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