Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Well another good food day today...1237 calories and i ate really well...really clean im super impressed, even better it is after dinner and i am content. And the good news this morning the scales were down to 104.2 a drop overnight of 500 grams (GO ME) I did my physio exercises at the gym last nite,,,and it seemed to help my foot a hopefully if i keep doing that each time i go to the gym it will keep improving.

I got another message from that girl today...she was disappointed i think that i didnt remember her....apparantly she saw me out and i was blowing kisses...and she said she felt chemistry and was staring but that a friend of mine busted her staring. i have absolutely NO idea where this was at...and i feel a lil bad that she is disappointed. She then told me that she didnt think she would be my type as she is slightly butch (unbeknown to her i find butch women sexy as hell lol) her membership has now gone basic which means she cant message we will see what happens. If nothing else I guess it has taught me that I can be attractive to someone (which is bloody news to me! lol) and maybe it means i am not destined to be single and dateless for the rest of my life!

Back for my first PT session of the year tomorrow...and its a double PT session at that! LOL wish me luck!!

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To Band or not To Band? said...

I am so jealous of all the gym support you have there! I sussed out both of our gyms and all their group classes are during my working hours and they aren't even open on Sunday at all! Crazy.

I am sure that the girl will make it work if she likes you enough. What were you doing blowing kisses you little floozy ; )