Friday, January 07, 2011

Lots of news!!!

Well lawdie where to start! Firstly....turns out with "the girl" it was a case of mistaken identity. She said she is still interested in getting to know me. So we will wait and see.

I went to the gym yesterday...walked in and Sarah (who is fionas best friend) is like " are you coming to Sydney with us? Don't let the team down" i was like...."ummm no?" i was thinking didnt know i was invited LOL...then when training sarah came in again and said..."karyns letting the team down"...anyway then we trained...and OMG i have lost so much fitness its depressing :( i felt like i was dying .... anyway did a hour of boxing/weights and felt like i was going to die. Then as i left the gym Sarah bought up sydney again i was like "lemme look at dates etc" they are going to be there the morning of the 18th till the morning of the 20th...i cant get there till the evening of the 18th...but on the 19th (the saturday) we are going to meet up and at night we are going to do the harbor bridge climb!!! I told fiona it would be just like a PT session lmfao!!! So anyway i came home today and booked the flights!!! Woooo hoooo!!!! I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOO excited. Then sunday i wont go home till that ill have the day im planning to meet Mel of the WW forums for either brunch or lunch....mite get a bit of shopping in as well! LOL

Im stunned...last time i went to Sydney was awful...worst friggin holiday i have ever had....was not long after me and Ang had split...i really didnt wanna go (this was really when my depression got bad) and was a completely miserable holiday...this holiday is going to be great! On my scales at home this morning i weighed 104.1 kilos...i have 6 weeks to go....if i can lose 4.2 kilos and get under double digits this would be the perfect celebration....and it kinda seems right that fiona would be doing the climb with me since she has had so much impact on my success at this weight loss caper.

So right now...2011 truly seems to be my so also thinking a week in brisbane visiting family whilst on my long service leave in august or september. Its feels like all these things happening...normally happen to other people...but theyre happening to one happy girl today....bit like a over excitable puppy dog going out for a walk LOL


Hippygal said...

Awesome about the Sydney trip, you are sounding really happy now with things happening in your life.

To Band or not To Band? said...

you know what they say, success breeds success and positive draws positive.