Sunday, January 02, 2011

Well last nite i could have eaten a cow! LOL I figured the diet coke demon is back. So time to cut it out again. So i havent had any since yesterday lunchtime. This morning i woke exhausted. I ended up staying in bed and sleeping till nearly 2.45pm when i woke hadnt eaten a damn thing. So i got up and had some cereal then a banana and berry smoothie.

I found a new yummy snack! A banana with 2 teaspoons of peanut yummy!!!

Im so ready for tuesday...weigh in...draw that line in the sand and get back into the gym. And of course on tuesday i better register myself for the foxy challenge.

Ok thats it for today...back to work for me tomorrow...enjoy all!

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Tania said...

Oh that's an interesting combination! Hope you're feeling better now. I considered the Foxy challenge myself but decided I wasn't quite ready for it so my PT is going to develop a challenge for me - can't wait to get back to my PT sessions on Thursday night.