Saturday, January 01, 2011

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! Last nite saw me have my yummy salad then do a 6km walk :) This morning i got up and did day 1 of Jillians 30 day shred. I had to modify a the cardio is a lot of jumping and thats a bit rough on the old foot...but rest of it went good...its a pretty full on work out but only 20 minutes so completely doable.

After hoping to be no more then 106.4 kilos on January 1...i was only 105.7 i was very happy as that (especially as i was 106.3 on the 30th)...4.8 kilos till its 70 kilos lost so thats my focus not the lure of "double digits"

So i figured out how to upload images of my overview of daily tracking. Pretty impressed with todays effort. All tracked including dinner. I am aiming for 1460 calories per day and this puts me at 1450. YAY ME. I am also aiming at 30-40% protein with 30% i did pretty good in that area too YAY ME twice over lol

Enjoy your first day of the year!

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Alby Fat to Fit said...

Hey Kazz!

What program do you use to make those graphs? Is it on Jillians website? I am starting 30 day shred tomorrow! :) So we will see how we go!

Happy New Year