Friday, December 31, 2010

WOW last day of the year ;)

WOW last day of the year...seems like just yesterday it was January 1 and i was all motivated for 2010 ;)

I am actually back at work today LOL for a whole day! then 2 days working will get some nice money next payday!!!

So disappointed this morning i was gonna make my plum and blueberry smoothie...and the blender wouldnt start...i wonder if i make the smoothie at nite (when i can stuff around with the blender) and store it in a cup with a lid if the drink will be okay? Luckily i got to work and had some of my organic cereal here...phew! I then had a ham, baby spinach and avocado sandwich for lunch (avoiding the bbq they got going on at work!!!). Tonite i am making a new recipe - GO ME!!! - it is a boccoccini, basil and cherry tomato pasta salad...and I am going to add chicken too it. Found the recipe in this weeks new idea or womans day...looks bloody delishus!!

No going out tonite....apart from the fact i hate new years and how busy it is...its 43 degrees here today...i plan on spending it at home...there are fireworks in the city at 9pm which i prolly will be able to see from my place so mite venture out then. Tonite after dinner I might try and go for a walk if its not too damn hot.

NOW tomorrow i am starting the 30 day shred!!! YAY. And a walk in the morning if i wake early enough before it gets too hot.

Also i was asked for a "bio" basically of my decided i would do one...

So heres the story 2005/early 2006 i started getting sick a lot...combination of kidney infections, viruses, flus etc etc. Then in may 2006 i got bronchitis and i was off work sick for SEVEN this point i realised if i didnt change things i would end up confined to my once i recovered on april 6 2006 i joined ww. I really didnt even think i would get past the first 6 weeks. But i December 23 2006 i had lsot 20 kilos...YAY ME!! But unfortunately i then struggled for the next 18 months or so. In August 2008 i joined Fernwood for the upteenth time...and i started training with Fiona (seriously she has been such a godsend...without her i would have given up LONG ago!) so i started training with fiona...we started slow...and i really was only gymming it one day per week...then slowly over time i built up to about 3 sessions per week. Then May 2009 I hit 40 kilos lost....but when i got to this point i struggled...i plateaud for 7 months. So when this occurred i decided to make this journey my "hobby" i started to read and watch everything i could on anything that might remotely have to do with this journey. In January 2010 i decided to really focus...i did a lot of reading and cut out most processed foods...i focussed on variety and the kilos started to drop. I was now doing 3 PT sessions per week...and partway thru 2010 i started to attend fitness classes at the gym! This was huge to me as i was petrified of them i now do pump, RPM, body balance, body combat and the occassional body jam class...and i am sure the classes combined with the PT sessions has done a lot for the shaping of my body.

I have now lost 65-66 kilos...i have 30-38 kilos to lose and i plan on making a big dent in that number this year. As to how I have stuck at this for this long? i will NEVER EVER be 170+ kilos again...that fear is enuff to keep me on the straight and narrow!


jo said...

Kazz, I do remember you--I've followed your blog when I am in blog mode. =) (Hopefully I'll stay in blog mode now!)

Thank you so much for the comment--it meant a lot. I'm glad you commented and I could pop over here and read this post. It gives me such great hope! You've done an amazing job and are an inspiration!

kathiej said...

Kazz ...not sure wat u put in your smoothies but I think if u use milk and fruit it will go funny over and fruit should be ok depends on what fruit and if it tends to go brown or not ....don't know wat blender u have but maybe the little knobby bit on the lid or base wasn't quite in right ...oh wat the heck who am I kidding i have no idea ROFL

Tania said...

Congratulations on everything you've achieved in 2010 Kazz - in the times i've caught up with you recently i've really noticed the transformation. Your determination and committment has been awesome, and you gave me so much inspiration to return to Fernwood myself and start personal training! I've been really slack with blogging of late due to lack of time but intend to prioritise it a bit more in 2011 - HAPPY NEW YEAR!