Sunday, January 09, 2011

Well im working today...worked today yesterday...but not complaining cos its all money for trip to sydney :) Normally i hate working weekends...funny how when u got something to work too its not such a issue ;) Im planning to do a bit of overtime over the next 5 weeks to get some extra cash! YAY!

"the girl" who i should stop calling that! lol her name is Jane...messaged me yesterday...we are going to try and meet for coffee on thursday. I didnt meet anyone off pink sofa in the whole of not really expecting anything except maybe making a fully expecting once she meets me she will run a mile lol

Food wise things been good still altho the scales fluctuated over was 104.3 kilos this morning...bummer about that being under 104 kilos seemed sooooooooooo close to 100 kilos LOL

Anyway not much else going on....enjoy all!

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Jody said...

Boy am I tired of hearing you put yourself down...why would anyone run from you? You are not only beautiful inside, but you are beautiful outside too!! Girl, we need to work on your confidence level. I hope you don't go meeting people with that attitude! Meet them with the attitude that you show Fiona,Jaimee, Ryan and that you show me! Anyone getting to meet the real you should be lucky!!