Monday, January 10, 2011

Well another good day! I did some overtime this morning...i have organised to do 5 hours of over time this week...which gives me a extra 7.5 hours pay...which is basically a extra days pay...which considering i am working two weekends in this pay packet...a nice big fat one coming my way (boy that sounds rude!!) The ticket for the harbor bridge climb is being done this week :) and ill give Sarah the money for it next week...Fiona and Sarah are staying at a hotel for $300 for 2 i am going to book in there too. So ill be able to pay for the costs all next pay....and then the next 2 pays will just be used for spending money. im gonna keep up the overtime for those weeks...with luck i can take $1000 with me which means SHOPPING!!! What i am thinking is i will try and buy a dress or outfit or top in size 12 that i can work towards :)

Food wise pretty good altho it was our monthly "cakes to say thank you" day at work LOL i had one mini cupcake and 2 tim tams...i was still under 1500 calories so all good :) Tonite i gymmed it...burnt 652 calories...did 45 minute body combat class...10 minutes on the bike...then PT session of resistance pretty damn impressed with that. Weigh in tomorrow nite...and will also do 7 flights of body pump class.

Ok enjoy your day all!


To Band or not To Band? said...

OMG! I just went to Sydney and spent shitloads! Lurve Paddy's market and the TS sale was preet dang good too!

Karen said...

007kma007Hi Kazz. I am so excited about your trip. It just sounds amazing. I was wondering what you do for work? It sounds like you do shift work. Have a great day. Karen xo