Saturday, January 15, 2011

Well yesterday really wasnt a good day food wise. One of the girls bought in what was called a "igor bar" to work...its like layer upon layer upon layer of sugar and i had TWO slices! Now admittedly the slices were tiny...but it seemed to start me off. I ate a good lunch which was a sandwich with roasted duck, avocado, cheese and pineapple. But THEN went out for drinks after work...i didnt drink...but they did have vegetarian pizza there...thin style...which i had 3 pieces of...which then gave me a craving for MORE pizza! I was so tempted to go buy a lil pizza just for me on the way home...but instead i went and bought stuff to make one on a tortilla shell at home...but in reality i prolly really didnt need it. That said i wasnt game enuff to jump on the scales this morning LOL but i will tomorrow (plus i was running incredibly late!)

I discoverred oats for breakfast today! I left my weetbix at home and someone had some instant oats at their i gave it a try...not too ill buy some rolled oats once my weetbix are finished and i think ill have plain ones with cinimon on them...maybe add some sultanas.

I started work at 6.30am this morning *yawns* and am working till 4.30pm...but tomorrow i dont have to wake till 7.45am ...its like a humungus sleep in! LOL

Started doing my calve stretches yesterday...because my calve is so tight tho they are really hard to do. Plus were she jabbed the crap out of it the other day its really sore still.

I did note the mothers day classic is on may 8 and the million paws walk on 15th anyone in adelaide gonna do either or both of them with me????

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LeeAnne said...

Hi I am in adelaide and am keen to do both these can only walk them at this stage.