Thursday, January 13, 2011

its been a while since a post eh? I am so busy lately that when i have got spare time...writing in my journal just seems to much effort lol. I am doing overtime to earn lots of money for my trip to sydney. Yesterday i worked 10 was my only day off this week...tomorrow im back there for another 10 combine long work days with the on tired chicka! But i dont care im so excited about Sydney its all worth it. The flight is all organised...fiona is organise the booking for the bridge climb at the staying at the same hotel as fiona and sarah which i will book on pay day. Then my next two pay days will be earning lots of spending money! Plus i would like to buy a new camera and a ipod touch before i go.

My scales were 103.3 this morning ! so happy! I went to my lil op shop today they had ALL tops reduced to $2 so i bought 9 tops for $18 (see post below) one of the tops is a puma US size small...and it FITS it is a tight fit but still...holy moly!!

Went to the gym today...did a hour of PT with fiona...boxing the entire time. Then i went and saw nora who is the physio at the gym.She massaged the crap out of my calf and even sitting here its really sore at the moment. She gave me exercises to do at home. Basically my calf muscle is just WAY to tight. So no running, walking on a incline, walking too fast, jumping for 4 weeks. I was then telling her that i want to get back into running and i would like to train for the city to bay this year. So she told me she will give fiona her video camera and get fiona to record me running and then she will study the tape so she can work out what muscles etc need working on so we can build them up and then i can hopefully train for the city bay with success. She also said this injury im not stuck with forever...just gotta get my calve muscle untight and then it should be good. So thats good news. Afterwards her and fiona were chatting about it and as i walked past fiona said "we are talking about you" so i know fiona has all the info which is good. I then went to do body pump and the trainer (i do her class a couple of times per month) commented on my weight loss :) YAY so then i did 45 minutes of body pump then 45 minutes of RPM. In fact fiona just messaged me they are going to film me monday night so full steam ahead...YAY and she has said she also has a few rehab yay we are hopefully getting somewhere.

Not much else going on....incredibly tired and i need a very early nite! Enjoy all!

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Karen said...

Hi Kazz. Your new clothes just look awesome. What a bargain. I can't believe just how close you are to double figures. You are such an incredible person. You deserve to have a wonderful time in Sydney. Karen xo