Monday, August 04, 2008

Well ive partly made some decisions. After a few emails with nat (the exercise goddess) and a lil more research...i realise now this whole time the focus should have been on a healthy & fit life and not the scales. I have decided i am going to join the gym n i am leaning towards fernwood with using the online coach. I am just debating still between contour n fernwood. As I did pay out fernwood I have emailed them to see what they can offer me...contour is closer but is only a circuit...i tell u i am terrible at making decisions like this...on a 20 minute interval i change my mind between gyms lol...anyway we will wait n see how i feel tomorrow. Tomorrow I am off again and have the docs appointment....apart from that not much else on for the day. Me n jaimee at work have also decided in our 15 minute breaks (we have 2 per day) we are gonna go out for a thats a good idea too. Not a great lot else going on....just me n my brain thinking thinking thinking

Enjoy alll

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Anonymous said...

hope this helps a little. I joined a gym and worked out 1 hour minimum per night supervised - I did step, circuit, aqua aerobics, combat, balance, fit ball - the lot! I lost.................nothing!!!! Sure I was getting some tone, but nowhere near what I thought - and I was starving! I joined Curves (heaps like Contours!) didn't sweat once and lost 12 kilos in three months.

Curves also does a diet plan for 6 weeks for 100 bucks ( or i could post you a copy) which is the most food i have ever eaten, but everyone on the programme lost weight!