Thursday, August 07, 2008

Well Ive been a slackass this week eh? Thats what 4 days off will do to ya lol. Now as to whats happening on the exercise front...after waiting for fernwood to follow up on whether they would give me some free PT sessions..well i am STILL waiting for the final reply...4 days that lack of interest on their part..airlies post about curves...contours being only 3 streets away and ringing contours and they were more then happy to give me a free session tomorrow...I decided that I will give them a will go there after work tomorrow at 5.30pm and see how it goes...

Whilst off work this week I did check my emails and woooo hooo won yet another award LOL...this time it was the superstar award for july and gave me another 10000 wish list points (go me) and then checked the emails again today and saw my team has won a team award (very hard to win won of these) which then gives our team half a day off work plus $450 for a will have something fun coming up.

Was looking at HBC today and not only did ajay say she had been to a meeting with channel 10 where she had been worried she mite lose her job but instead walked away with some exciting news,...(god im curious what that means!) but they are going to be running a biggest loser comp on her site with real prizes with state winners thats something else that can help me to motivate..

Today went and bought a blender so i can make lots of yummii smoothies for breakfast.

Okies not much else to say...sure ill be back after I been to contours tomorrow nite - have a good friday all !

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