Friday, August 08, 2008

Well time for some I have sat here and read my journal entries from january and febuary 2007, and gawd I just sounded so happy...talking about walks, and the movies, and books i was reading, and planning with my meals and what i noticed is i said that i am not going into chat as think its time to stop talking and start doing. First thing when i get home today I am moving the laptop...currently its sitting in my lounge room. And whenever watching tv or whatever i pull it up on my lap and im in first off it is going into the study where it should have been all this time. Next im going to stop going into chat for a while...which in some ways i feel kinda bad cos i know there are some people in there who are close to me etc and they will be disappointed but i really need to focus on me. I will still do my graphics and obviously use the internet but im going to cut back on the chat (im making a committment now no voodoo or halsoft for 4 weeks...jody u see me in their kick my ass ok?) This is gonna be kinda hard but i need to do it i need to look around and see that their are other things to do...even watching some tv has got to be better and get me out of that lil box. But also i need to start just being more active...even before that i got enjoyment out of...i think this is prolly one of the biggest things that blocks me being successful...cos when i was successful i didnt go into chat simply wasnt a focus ! I am waiting for a email from fernwood...I spoke to the girl today she told me she wants to speak to a trainer and also the manager and then they will email me with what they can offer me. I have told her I do have a appointment at contours today and Id like that info before going to contours. My gut tells me to do this right and go to that is what im really waiting for at the moment. The other thing is just to get back to healthy eating...i shopped last nite bought lots of healhy food...monday i will make up a big batch of vegetable soup. i also bought a blender last night so i can start making some yummii smoothies in the morning. Well not a lot else to say just waiting to hear back from fernwood...regardless next week...there will be exercise a happening !

UPDATE : fernwood just emailed me...and they are going to give me a FREE session EVERY week with the dietician ! Im going in on monday to have a big chat to them about it very excited, after I finished work today...i went to the book store...bought me a new karin slaughter book and picked up fasta pasta for dinner and THEN walked home...30 minute walk done and dusted ! im excited ! Okies now this computer is being switched off....have a good weekend all !


Anonymous said...

I am so proud of you chicken!

Jody said...

Well, well. Hmmmm wondering if I ever told you about getting off the puter...and do things for yourself before...hmmmm!!

Well gf, glad you're finally doing it. So proud of you. Can't say I'm gonna miss you, because I know how to find you...teehee!

Love you!!

Hippygal said...

Good for you about the computer I know how they can be such a time waster... You are sounding so pumped right now am really pleased for you :-)