Saturday, August 09, 2008

Quite weird not spending all my free time in chat, went to bed relatively early last night and read my new book. There was a cold case episode on with a lesbian in it set in 1932 which was rather interesting. Then when I woke today it was weird...if I am not going to sit on the puter what am I going to do with my spare time? Plenty for me to do its just a case of realigning my brain and way of thinking. But ended up going down to the shop and grabbing a gossip magazine and having a bit of a read. Which was very nice n relaxing, of course it being so wet in adelaide at the moment not exactly the weather to do a great deal. I am working till 10 pm tonight...and then 2-10 tomorrow evening too followed by a few days off.

Have been reading my journal back 2006-2007 and whilst when earlier in the year ive been saying ... i have been spot on with water intake was not spot on and there was a post where i said...i always have good losses when i am drinking my minimum of 2 litres of water. So i really need to embrace it all...eating well..drinking my water...and out of three things doesnt get the results i want obviously. But that said i am still concerned about not being successful think in that regard my self confidence that i can do this has taken a bit of a battering. 5.30pm monday night i have a appointment at fernwood when i will resign the paperwork and discuss how we are going to tackle my goals...i will prolly look at a personal training package too but will wait and see what they offer me...but having free weekly sessions with the dietician is awesome. If i dont get any PT sessions i will sign up for the PT training nat uses online...which costs $39 a month...where as a personal trainer at my gym...would cost about $30 per week...but id prolly prefer to wait till my tax bill is fully paid of before committing to that payment as well.

I also saw a review in who today on a book called "stolen innocence" which is about a girl who ran away from a polagamy (or however you spell it) sect...i saw her interviewed on oprah and think thats prolly the next book ill read.

Not a great deal else to say....enjoy ur weekend all =]

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