Sunday, August 10, 2008

So was at the HBC site today and they have a section which is your own page where u can upload photos and also do a journal and where ajay recommends you record your goals and so I decided on goals between now and september 30

1. To embrace life a lil more and not hermit myself so much

2. Go to the gym a minimum of 4 days per week

3. Follow the slimplicity program

4. Have no sick leave from work

5. Lose centimetres - the aim is to lose 5 centimetres altogether but any loss will be the goal.

All very doable goals...none that are determined by the scale gods...which makes me feel a lil free....but I still have to stick full on to it...another looking at them now I should have added was drinking 2 litres of water per day. Not going into chat I am still finding a lil strange...this morning I pulled out a cross stitch kit my mum gave me months ago. I use to cross stitch a lot before i discoverred computers...was a huge hobby of mine and I have made some gorgeous designs so I pulled out the kit and sorted the threads. Will pick up a few accessories i need and then i can start to get stuck into it. Also checked out ebay today and found this overseas guy who sells heaps of cross stitch and has some gorgeous kits and patterns. But for the moment I will work on this one.

Watched a lil L word today before my dvd player chit itself...stopping and starting the whole time so i prolly need to buy a new one...this last one i bought was a cheapie and hasnt lasted long....mite need to invest a bit and buy a better one this time...I have the $300 voucher from myers coles to mite get it and buy one...i need to research them a those hard drives u can record on have a dvd player in them? (i know chit about this stuff !) mite have to look around and see.

What low fat cheese does everyone use? I have been having kraft 30% reduced fat slices...but theyre not nice....and dont make for a nice sandwich

Okies off i go...nearly time to get ready for work....have a good sunday all !

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Anonymous said...

yep! i am with you on the water front. washes out all the fat toxins apparently!

My dvd recorder has a player in it too. It is a panasonic.