Sunday, August 03, 2008

So I left a post on the HBC forum...and got a response...ive put the post down the bottom...what he says makes COMPLETE sense...i wish when id been going to fernwood i had been on this forum and read this post then. I think the scales completely screw with my head too much. I also need to get out of this thought process that diet alone will have me losing weight. So now my head is in full think mode...I need to come to some decisions and STICK by basically he is saying following the wendy program...whether i do this by points or calories...having high and low days...the other thing is really work on getting into a complete gym focus. I have joined gyms so many times...i think contours is the easy way...and maybe its a good way for a few months while i build up my fitness? But fernwood is good for the whole range of things...getting to classes and having weights and cardio...also the ability to buy PT sessions if i want. Working and going to the gym is a long day to me...and my lazy side says i cant be bothered...but yanno what? I cant be bothered with things staying as they are ! I dont even enjoy the junk food. I had my one on one at work today and my boss said to me "you look healthier you have colour back in your face" so the drinking water and eating healthy is helping....i just have to get thru my head it isnt about numbers of the scales. I really need to take measurements...and maybe even throwout the scales completely...and put the focus on a healthy body...anyways any feedback like always is SO SO welcome...i have a lot of thinking to do !

I have another 2.5 hours to go then 4 days off. Im off to the doc on tuesday and hopefully will start to get the counselling organised cos I think thats another vital part I need...ok off i go...below is what the PT said.

Hi Kazz,

Firstly, great job on the 37 kilos. Secondly, hang in there, because you have shown you can do it.

Sue, Aimee and Sandra have offered great advice.

As the girls on here know, I am a big advocate for weight training, backed up by proper cardio and good nutrition, as opposed to straight out dieting and weight loss.

Body composition (fat, muscle, water ..) is most important, this means, build muscle, burn fat, so you look and feel good, while placing less emphasis on the scales.

When you have the weight to lose, consistency is the key. And yes, it can take months, and even years to drop the kilos the right way, so they don’t come back.

1200 calories is ludicrous for your daily intake needs and will only lead to muscle wastage and fluid loss – making it even more difficult to burn fat, which leads to even more weight.

Using Sue’s equations, work out your average daily needs and drop down by minimum 500 on a few days, 750 one day and cycle between so you keep your body working and guessing.

Yes, your metabolism will slow with age, but by building muscle and eating consistently, you can give it a bit of a rev.

The keys to a simple and successful program are:

Eat 5 -6 medium size meals a day every 3 hours
Drink a couple of L of water each day
2 – 3 weights sessions to start with, following each session with 30 minutes cardio
3 cardio sessions a week including aerobics classes.
A loss of 500g per week is a good start


Hope this helped - let me know how you go

All the best,



Anonymous said...

Sounds like things are coming together nicely! Don't throw out the scales! Just realize that your body weight can fluctuate by almost a kilo a day (even if you weigh 50 kgs) and that you body works in a cycle. Maybe check once a fortnight where you know there will be some sort of loss! ANd then celebrate!

Shrinking Tardie said...


What the PT wrote makes perfect sense. My weight 'loss' has crawled to a snails pace (I had a net loss of zippo for July) but my measurements are shrinking incredibly! I'm still weighing each day but never, ever, ever let the random fluctuations spoil my mood or my consistency.

I do a weights circuit which includes 20 mins of cardio 4 days a week and I do high intensity cardio workouts the other 3. I also throw a Hatha Yoga session in on Sunday's for flexibility.

I'm still over 100 kilos but I can now comfortably wear size 14 tops and size 16 - 18 bottoms. I'm buying clothes in normal shops.

I also totally agree with the 6 weeks to respond bit.

Finally, your point about finding one thing and sticking to it for more than 5 minutes - all I can say is Amen. In my humble opinion, that's half the problem of a lot of people - they can switching and changing to try and find the 'magic bullet' - and there is none. Emotional issues aside weight loss really is at it's purest sense a matter of energy in v's energy out. Sure, there's other factors - but that's the base line. And any program that has us burning more than we consume HAS TO in the long run, have us losing weight.

Good luck with it mate.


Shrinking Tardie said...

that should read "they keep" not "they can" switching etc etc.