Thursday, July 31, 2008

Well some good news ! My working times have changed so the latest I finish now is 8pm ! omg thats like normal...i am so glad this last lot of working till 11pm and then the next week starting at 8.30am really knocked me around. So i can pretty much once this new roster starts (25/8) set me a bedtime of 11pm and really get into a routing with that. A lot at work arent happy but i say hell yeh...take the weekend work away from us too lol...will have to wait and see if that ever happens !

I have made a appointment with a new doctor for tuesday. I wanna talk to him about counselling and my weight loss. And get a good idea of what he/she thinks i should be doing. I also went to the contours website and saw they give away a free 3 day trial. The nearest contours to me is about 3 streets away so I filled out the form for the free pass.

Also logging my food in on HBC's website...and all looking good in regards to that !

Okies not a lot else to say...I do feel rather good that I am putting some actions into place - im outta here !

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airlie said...

You are a legend Kazz! Maybe see a dietician instead of a Doctor coz normaly they are free if you rock up to a hospital!!!