Saturday, August 23, 2008

Well its been a good couple of days altho my brain is in overdrive a lil. Yesterday went to the shops...stocked up well n truly...i could only just close my crisper yesterday cos I had so much vegies in there. Today and tomorrow i am off. Today I went to the gym...did 30 minutes on the treadmill with the last 20 minutes at a speed of 3.1 and gradient of 3.0 and lemme say i worked up a sweat. Im also still eating spot on and trying to make a point to eat ALL my fruit...i am suppose to have a piece of fruit at breakfast, lunch and both my snacks....i feel like ive just eaten a piece and im having to eat another piece lol. But things are going good...i must admit i have been checking my scales, but im not paying much attention to the fluctuations at i feel very proud of myself over that...they are showing a loss in excess of 3 kilos (6.6 pounds for u jody) and i also know im losing centimetres my jeans are sitting quite nice now...before they were skin tight and actually at one point were bruising my stomach (you may remember a previous post about that) I am thinking about pink sofa....i think things are going so well right now...part of me thinks i should resign up...cos it would prolly mean i have the chance to meet some people and get out and about and a bit of a social life again but another part of me worries it may distract me....finding a partner is a huge motivational source for me...but i dont wanna suddenly want to put a whole pile of extra pressures on me that may effect the weight unsure what ill do there.

I will go to the gym tomorrow if i wake up at a decent hour...i need to try and correct my sleeping pattern now...after working till 11pm all this week...ive been going to sleep at like 1-2am so hopefully tonight ill go to bed by 11 and get the sleeping back on track (specially as i have a PT session 8am on monday morning - lol - welcome to a new week eh?)

OKies ...tonite its tacos for dinner .... so off i go...enjoy the rest of the weekend all

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