Sunday, August 24, 2008


Well its been a nice relaxing reflecting day on how I am going since rejoining fernwood and have to say i am ecstatic and feel I am on the right track. This is day 12....and i have tracked religiously keeping to the correct food groups (even worked a yiros into it on friday!)...I exercised 3 times this week...and each time i built the exercise up a lil. I feel good...Im not tired....not getting headaches...havent had a sore back in the morning for the last few mornings. My jeans are getting looser. I am positive i am losing centimetres. I checked the scales today *yes i know im not focussing on them...but...well i needed to know LOL) and i have lost 4.2 kilos by my scales. I am completely wrapped and ready for another week, i am so so so focussed its not funny i may even be bordering on obsessive compulsive about it all lol. The only thing i am struggling with is that 4th fruit serve (its a lot of fruit in one day !) And thats the sumup for sumday ooops i mean sunday hehe okies have a good nite all....gota busy week this week 2.25 days worth of training ... my brain may be dead cells by the end of the week...okies enjoy ur week all !

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Hippygal said...

You are doing fantastic :-). Have a great week.