Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Jumped on the scales this morning and they have gone up a bit...not gonna stress tho cos i have been spot on with my eating. My jeans today feel a lil loser around the waist too...suspect it could be a lil fluid retention from the taco seasoning on sunday night...and thats fine...it will settle down. But I prolly wont weigh again for a week or so. Also did a PT session yesterday...which went really well...we actually did the same program i had been doing with my last trainer except she stretched me out between each set of repitions. This morning I am a lil sore altho nothing overly bad. Will go thursday night and do 30 minutes of cardio again. I am amazing myself with how well i am eating...all my snacks are yoghurt and fruit. The only luxury i have is after dinner when i am allowed to have a miscellaneous "treat" where i either have airpopped popcorn, 1 anzac biscuit or a lil packet of sakatas, they are the only processed foods i am currently eating. Tonight for dinner i have chicken out so will be making a stir fry with lots of vegetables. Okies off to do some work =]

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